80 - 20 RULE

Most people never finish. This is true no matter what business you are in. I spend a lot of time working with writers, or is that wannabe writers. It's amazing how many professional business people, sales people included, tell me they want to write a book. They understand the power, prestige, authority and potential for significant business increases that writing a book will bring them. These are smart people who have great ideas, work hard, and really want to excel. They see the potential and possibility that writing a book about their product or service will bring. They commit themselves verbally, financially and mentally - but what happens?

The 80 - 20 rule, and I think it might be more like 9.5 - .5 rule in this case, kicks in. They start. They spend a week researching, planning and outlining and a few actually go ahead and begin the writing process. Most do not go beyond this point - they quit, regardless of how valuable they know the end result will be. It's the same in your business. The vast majority of your competitors will quit before they enter the magic 20% place. That's why the upper 20% in every sales profession will always make all the money - the other 80% do a pile of work and leave the magic on the table. In this case, "the magic," is the cash.

You can vault yourself into the 20% by working as hard and smart as the rest but what are you prepared to do to make the leap into the "magic place?" Here's a secret - you already know what you need to do and it's usually the thing you want to do least.

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