Sometimes we all need to be reminded of who the customer is in the exchange of goods and services. Each of us has experienced a rude waiter or store clerk. They have forgotten that we, the customer, pay their salary. The same holds true for other interactions where it may not be quite as obvious that there is a service provider/ client relationship. The health care provider who has no time to listen to your problem, the government employee who has no interest in talking to a taxpayer, the cable company service person who is in too big a rush to provide meaningful help, and so on; they are all in a sales position.

As sales professionals, let's make sure that we never fall into the trap of forgetting who the customer is - no matter how long we have been dealing with them, how sick we feel, how much our back aches, how bad a mood our boss is in, or the flat tire we just fixed on the way to the call.

Our customers deserve our best, just like we do when the table is turned.