Today's thought is just a nibble of an idea for you. When it comes to sales, the marketplace is absolutely overcrowded with competition. One of the challenges is to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Whether you are hiring and training salespeople, or are a salesperson trying to rise above the other reps servicing the same market, the trick is to get your message into the right hands. Somehow, you must make an impact that is professional, personal and demonstrates your knowledge.

One thing you might consider is using your unique selling proposition ( you have one, don't you?) as the basis for a small book about your service, or product, that provides value to your client and allows you to distinguish yourself from the competition. Not a long diatribe, but rather a short, focused book that will provide benefits to you and your customers.

It's amazing what happens when you make the effort to  write a book and use it is as your new calling card since it truly makes you unique and gives you instant credibility with prospective clients. You can do it easily, simply, and with very little financial commitment given today's publishing technology. I know this is a bit self-serving, but if you want some help in a practical and efficient way - I wrote a book about how to write a book, and you can look at it here.

If you would prefer a printed edition, rather than downloading it to your computer, it will be available in the next week or two. Please don't dismiss this idea since it has worked for a very powerful but very small number of successful sales professionals - think Zig Ziglar, for one.